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A. Gudaitis

Anton Gudaitis - one of the most famous Lithuanian artist.
4 celebrate the centenary of the artist. On that occasion, Lithuanian Art Museum Radvilles Palace (Vilniaus g. 22, Vilnius) from 2004 5 July - Review Anthony Gudaitis art exhibition.

AA Gudaitis was born in 1904 29 July Crosses. In 1922-1926 Siauliai teachers attended seminary in 1926-1929 studied literature at the University of Kaunas and the Kaunas Art School attended Justin Vienožinskis study.
Early works ("Work", 1929, series "Mother and Child," 1930-1935, "W
oman with Fruit", 1933, "settlers" 1933) shows a young artist at the orientation at that time viešpatavusį academic and romanticized realism, but in a modernized, ekspresyvesnę forms of speech.Many A. Gudaitis study gave the Paris National Applied Art School, and various private studios 1929-1933, There, an artist fully acquainted with Lithuania at the time, ignored contemporary artistic directions. However, the artist, as well as other studies in Paris at the time generally held by young Lithuanian artists nesimetė to the extreme avant-garde artistic movements because of their novelty.
AA Gudaitis has become one of the most active "ARS" group organizers. "Arsininkai, had rejected the canons obsolete, and created the artistic lan
guage that would allow unrestricted and free to express contemporary human aesthetic experiences, moods and worldview.
AA Gudaitis a major shift in myself as an artist, was sh
opping on the road a year later, returning from Paris. Began to fall in the previous year, his cherished painting a clear and rational system. It appeared more freedom and spontaneity. Gradually emerging video dramatizing, inner implication.
1940-1941, AA Gudaitis taught at the Riga School of Art from 1941 - Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (which was known during Soviet Vilnius Institute of Fine Arts and Fine Arts Institute of the Lithuanian SSR). 1947 Professor A. Gudaitis recognized degree. Since 1935 He belonged to the Lithuanian Artists' Union.
Seventh through the ninth decade of work ("Three Petronele" I-IV, 1964-1966, "Military Road" from 1965 to 1967, "Woman with Bird, 1966; 'Meeting, I-III, 1970-1971," Son prodigal, 1971-1972, "the woman loose h
air, I-VI, 1973," Bride, "1981) portrayed metaphorically complex world of that time, emphasis on emotional spring, plenty of space allocated for improvisation.
By the end of life of A. Gudaitis works
were still tapysenos new developments, there appeared a new mood. The artist always retains the ability to change and be open to innovation.

Virtual Antanas Gudaitis creative exhibition.
In 1930-1939

Part I

Illustrations by Anthony Gudaitis replicas album
(Anton Gudait
is: Album generations. - : Vaga, 1987

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